Scenes From The Byward Market

The Grand Pizzeria - Great Heritage Building
The Grand Pizzeria – Great Heritage Building
Tucker's Marketplace
Tucker’s Marketplace
Patty Bolands - A Popular Pub
Patty Bolands – A Popular Pub

Photos: Snowfall in Budapest


For the most part this winter, the temperature here in Budapest has remained slightly above freezing. Lots of gloomy skies and lots of rain. On Thursday, snow finally made an appearance. The above photo is the Hungarian Parliament, while the bottom shot was taken in nearby Liberty Square.

I decided to edit the photos in black and white. I found that in the original photos the snowfall absorbed too much of the orange light pollution that is common in the city. The black and white is more representative of the clean white snow you would see with the naked eye.


A Whirlwind Visit to Paris

Paris_2015_04 webMy flight landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport almost an hour early, a little after 7:30am. As the captain announced our approach, he told us that the temperature in Paris was +13C. Three days earlier I had been dealing with temperatures of -23. This swing in the weather was appreciated.

A wave of relief washed over me as I disembarked from the plane. Relief that I was back in Europe, where the relaxed urban lifestyle I enjoy so much is commonplace. Relief that the plan hadn’t gone down in the freezing Atlantic Ocean (irrational fear). I breezed through customs and found my bag already waiting for me on the carousel. I must have spent no more than 10 minutes in the airport.


I boarded the RER train and made my way to my airbnb apartment, which was easy to find. After dropping off my bags, I explored my local neighbourhood. I ended up in a pedestrian zone, Rue Montorgueil, where I stopped at a café called Drôle d’endroit pour une rencontre and enjoyed a croissant and espresso for two euros. “Je suis Charlie” was written on one of the chalk board displayed in front of the café. I wanted to take a photo but didn’t want to come off as a cliché tourist. I regret not taking one.


I headed back to my room and took a nap and then showered. I decided I should head to Place de la Republique, where Parisians have been gathering since the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo.


A few hundred people were at the Place de La Republique, along with media trucks from around the world. I saw NBC, RT, Tagesschau and others I didn’t recognize.‚ Paris_2015_22-webI was hungry so I walked a block east and found a bakery where I ordered a baguette. I walked back to the Place as night was falling. I took some photos and then headed to a Mcdonalds, to take shelter from the rain, sip on a coffee and plan my next stop.


I took the Metro to Chatelet, where I walked past the Hotel de Ville, which had a temporary skating rink set up in front. The ice surface was watery from the warm temperatures.



Along the facade of city hall hung large black ribbon banners, with “Paris est Charlie” and “Nous Sommes Charlie” written in white type.

From there I headed to Notre Dame de Paris. I hadn’t been inside the cathedral in many years. Usually the crowds are too much for me to handle, but tonight it was quiet so I walked in and spent a half hour admiring the architecture and the history.

I crossed the Seine and made my way to Boulevard Saint Germain, walking westward until I reached Odeon. I then hung a right and made it to the bridge of locks, once again crossing the Seine and finding myself facing the Louvre. I passed the pyramid and then continued North, negotiating the winding streets until I found my way back at my apartment.

Sunday morning I woke up a little after 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. The sun doesn’t rise until almost 9am during the winter months in Paris. It was dark until 8:30, so I passed the time doing some reading. Once I got outside, I found a deserted city. The sprawling square outside the Bourse building was empty.


The only sound was the batting wings of a pigeon. I walked around the neighbourhood, stopping at a cafe for a small espresso at a place called‚ Le Gymnase.

After returning to my apartment to collect my things, I descended underground into the metro where entry was free for the day, in anticipation of the huge march set to take place that afternoon. Unfortunately, I had a plane to catch and was unable to attend. I got to the airport on time and my quick layover visit to Paris was complete.

I’ve been to Paris several times these past few years, but I’ve never really liked it all that much. This recent visit was my most enjoyable. Visiting the city in winter is a completely different experience. The throngs of tourists that are everywhere in summer vanish in winter. Instead, you find a normal city, bustling during regular hours, but quiet during off-peak hours. Experiencing +13 temperatures in January didn’t hurt my outlook either.


Photos: Checking Out Meech Lake in Winter

Winter is winding down, with signs of spring all around us. The temperatures are warming up, with daily highs above freezing now happening regularly, Roll Up The Rim is back and the sun not setting until around 6pm. We spring ahead this Sunday, woot!

With the mild temperatures, I took a drive out to Gatineau Park this weekend. I didn’t really have any specific destination in mind, but ended up on the shore of Meech Lake. This was my first visit to Meech Lake. You can check out some of the scenery I took in below.

IMG_1983 IMG_2017 IMG_2053 IMG_2056 IMG_2066 IMG_2080 IMG_2085 IMG_2089 IMG_1984

Just another example of how awesome life in Ottawa can be. Drive 20 minutes north and you’ll find undisturbed beauty and the picture-perfect scenery.

Photos: Weekend Skate on the Rideau Canal

Banner on the Laurier Bridge
Banner on the Laurier Bridge

Last weekend I was able to go for a skate on the Rideau Canal. I’d only been a couple of times before, most recently in 2009 on a trip with my college class. I’ve only been living in Ottawa for a year now, so I didn’t get to grow up with the world’s largest skating rink close by.

So last Saturday I strapped on my Bauer Chargers, took my DSLR with me and hoped like hell that I didn’t fit a patch of rough ice, take a tumble and destroy my camera.

Fortunately I stayed on my feet the whole time, and was able to get some nice shots. Check it out.


Patterson Creek
Patterson Creek


Ended the night with a sweet treat
A must-have on any Canal skate