St Stephen’s Basilica Panorama Tower

MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_52I’ve been battling a nasty cold this past week, which has lead to the past seven days‚ being pretty much a write off. I was fed up with staying home all day long and‚ decided to get out of my apartment to‚ cross off a must-see attraction in Budapest by climbing up‚ St Stephen’s Basilica for the panoramic views.

St. Stephen’s, it can be argued, is the spiritual centre of Hungary and one of the city’s top tourist spots. For the very reasonable price of 500 HUF (about $2.25 CDN) you can climb the 320 steps up to the observatory and enjoy spectacular views of the entire city. To the west, you’ll see the Danube River, the Castle district and the mountains of Buda. To the East, you’ll see sprawling Pest, which goes to seems to go on forever.

I brought my DSLR camera and took some photos. Click on the photos themselves for a high-res look.

MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_44 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_41 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_40 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_37 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_34 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_33 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_31 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_11 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_06 MacLaine_Panorama_Szent_Istvan_55