Photos: Ottawa by Night

I kicked off my long weekend by doing a little night photography. I stayed away from the Parliament/Market area and instead focused on other areas downtown. I love messing around with long exposure and aperture settings during night time shooting. It’s a lot of fun to generate these unique looks. Quick facts on for eachContinue reading “Photos: Ottawa by Night”

A Few Photos from Chinatown Remixed

Saturday marked the kickoff of the 5th annual Chinatown Remixed arts festival here in Ottawa. Somerset street West, closed to automobiles for a few blocks, was buzzing with activity. For those not familiar with Chinatown Remixed, here’s an exerpt from the organization’s website: The Chinatown Remixed Collective promotes contemporary art in Ottawa’s Chinatown, a multiculturalContinue reading “A Few Photos from Chinatown Remixed”