Food Porn: The Montreal Diet

Made a quick overnight trip to Montreal this weekend to celebrate a pair of birthdays with friends.

I was in the city for less than 24 hours, but still managed to eat a ridiculous amount of delicious but incredibly unhealthy food.

Saturday night’s meal was the Smoked Meat Platter at Dunn’s.

Dunn's Smoked Meat Platter
Dunn’s Smoked Meat Platter

Medium Montreal-style smoked meat, a healthy serving of fries, rye bread, coleslaw and a pickle. The service was fast. We must have gotten our food within three minutes of having placed the order.

Sunday lunch took me to a Belle Province outlet located in St.-Henri, at the corner of Notre-Dame and Atwater. Found this place by accident years ago and now make sure to stop in on every trip to Montreal.

Trio #4: Poutine et deux steamĩs

Trio #4 consists of two steamĩs hot dogs, loaded with onions and tabasco sauce and a good sized poutine. Amazing.

Both these meals were washed down by an ice cold Pepsi. Can’t go wrong, although I’m more of a Coke guy myself.

During my time in Montreal, I also mixed in a couple of Tim Hortons coffees, an apple fritter and a few beers.

All in all, a terrific visit, despite the health hazards.. I’ll be eating lots of fruits and veggies this week to compensate.