Photos: Travis Konecny and Troy Henley at the Ottawa 67’s Prospect Camp

The future: Troy Henley (White Helmet) and Travis Konecny (Black Helmet)
The future: Troy Henley (White Helmet) and Travis Konecny (Black Helmet)

Today was a big day for our local Ontario Hockey League franchise, as the the number one draft pick in this year’s OHL priority selection, forward‚ Travis Konecny, skated for the first time with an Ottawa 67’s logo on his chest (to my knowledge anyways).

With my camera in-hand, I made the trek south to the Fred Barrett arena, to get a look at Konecny and the rest of the 67’s young players.

I focused on getting photos of Konecny and Troy Henley, a defenseman who Ottawa drafted in the second round, 20th overall. It’s a pretty sure bet that both these players will be in the lineup on opening night next fall.

The Fred Barrett arena isn’t very well lit and I have zero experience shooting hockey photos, so after about 400 shots taken and some time editing, these are the best shots I got. I set the camera to Shutter Priority mode, set the shutter speed to 1/1000 and cranked the ISO to 6400. I used the big boy 75-300mm lens.

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Player Stats:

Travis Konecny – Centre – Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs

5’10, 165 -‚ 54 GP, 53 G, 61 A, 137 PIMs

Troy Henley – Right Defense – Oakville Rangers

5’11, 188 -‚ 70 GP, 12 G, 28 A, 18 PIMs