Photo: Is This The Best Parking Spot in Europe?

While out for a walk with my camera, I spotted a single car parked along‚ the banks of the Danube River in Budapest. Across the river is Hungary’s magnificent Parliament Building. I thought it made for a pretty neat image. Quick Facts about the Hungarian Parliament Building Inaugurated on the 1000th anniversary of the country inContinue reading “Photo: Is This The Best Parking Spot in Europe?”

Visiting Washington at Christmas

After my visit to New York City, I took a bus that wound its way through New Jersey and Delaware on its way to Washington, DC. My visit to the District came only a couple of days before Christmas, so the city was in holiday mode, with large Christmas trees placed throughout the downtown core.Continue reading “Visiting Washington at Christmas”

Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City

Italy proved to be the final country on my European tour. This was my first extended visit to the country, I had previously made a day trip from Nice, France to Ventimiglia, a small town just across the Italian border, in 2011. Flying from Clu-Napoca in Romania, I landed in Milano, Italy’s modern and fashionableContinue reading “Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City”

Photos: Ottawa by Night

I kicked off my long weekend by doing a little night photography. I stayed away from the Parliament/Market area and instead focused on other areas downtown. I love messing around with long exposure and aperture settings during night time shooting. It’s a lot of fun to generate these unique looks. Quick facts on for eachContinue reading “Photos: Ottawa by Night”

Photos: Spring Sunset on the Ottawa River

The other night, I was driving along the parkway at around 8ish. I was heading west and saw this amazing view. Fortunately, I had my camera with me. I turned off at the Parkdale exit, got back on the eastbound parkway, headed back towards the downtown core and parked my car near the war museum.Continue reading “Photos: Spring Sunset on the Ottawa River”

If You Haven’t Visited The Lantern Tunnel at Winterlude, You’re Missing Out!

Winterlude‚ is in full swing with lots of exciting outdoor activities happening throughout the National Capital Region. As usual, most of the action happens downtown in and around Confederation Park. This year’s Winterlude features something special:‚ The Lantern Garden of the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival. I’m not sure where the Winterlude organizers found this thing, but kudosContinue reading “If You Haven’t Visited The Lantern Tunnel at Winterlude, You’re Missing Out!”