Beechwood Cemetery in the Fall

Ottawa’s¬†Beechwood Cemetery is one of Canada’s most prestigious and historic cemeteries. Designated as a National Historic site, it is open to visitors, who can stroll through the meticulously maintained grounds. It is the final resting place for over 75,000 Canadians including many important figures in Ottawa’s development during its early years as Canada’s Capital. ThereContinue reading “Beechwood Cemetery in the Fall”

A Working Saturday for Hungarians Ahead of the National Holiday

Today, Saturday, October 18th, was a work day for many Hungarians. The reason for this is because next Thursday is a National Holiday, commemorating the events of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. By working today, Hungarians will enjoy a four day long weekend next week. The National Holiday on Thursday, the earned day off fromContinue reading “A Working Saturday for Hungarians Ahead of the National Holiday”