Visiting Nice, city on the French Riviera

The South of France is one of my favourite spots in Europe. I much prefer it to Paris. The region and its people are much more relaxed. Things happen at a slower pace, the weather is always fantastic, but you still get to enjoy the best of French culture and cuisine. Visiting Nice is somethingContinue reading “Visiting Nice, city on the French Riviera”

Nimes, France: Where Ancient Rome Comes to Life

From Paris, I headed south, to the small city of Nimes. The city is known for its Roman architecture, which dates back 2,000 years. The main attraction is the Arena, which according to Wikipedia and the locals I spoke to, is the best preserved Roman arena in the world. Once home to gladiator fights andContinue reading “Nimes, France: Where Ancient Rome Comes to Life”

Paris: The Ups and Downs of France’s Capital City

I’ve arrived safe and sound in Paris. To get here I took the Via train from Ottawa, to Dorval, where I caught a redeye flight from Montreal to Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport. My flight went smoothly, departing and arriving on time. The plane itself was modern and spacious, even in economy. Each seat cameContinue reading “Paris: The Ups and Downs of France’s Capital City”

Summer Adventure

I’m taking a six week hiatus to Europe. It’s my first time overseas since summer 2011, when I last came to Europe. First up: A redeye flight from Montreal to Paris, where I’ll stay for a couple of days, adjusting to jet-lag. After that, I’ll probably head to the South of France, but nothing isContinue reading “Summer Adventure”