Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City

Italy proved to be the final country on my European tour. This was my first extended visit to the country, I had previously made a day trip from Nice, France to Ventimiglia, a small town just across the Italian border, in 2011. Flying from Clu-Napoca in Romania, I landed in Milano, Italy’s modern and fashionableContinue reading “Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City”

Photos: Ottawa by Night

I kicked off my long weekend by doing a little night photography. I stayed away from the Parliament/Market area and instead focused on other areas downtown. I love messing around with long exposure and aperture settings during night time shooting. It’s a lot of fun to generate these unique looks. Quick facts on for eachContinue reading “Photos: Ottawa by Night”

Photos: Spring Sunset on the Ottawa River

The other night, I was driving along the parkway at around 8ish. I was heading west and saw this amazing view. Fortunately, I had my camera with me. I turned off at the Parkdale exit, got back on the eastbound parkway, headed back towards the downtown core and parked my car near the war museum.Continue reading “Photos: Spring Sunset on the Ottawa River”

395 Wellington Street: The Library and Archives Building

This site is turning into a photography blog. That’s OK. For a long time, I had been meaning to get a picture of this building, the Library and Archives building at 395 Wellington. I’ve spent a lot of time inside this building, the west end of the building boasts a movie theatre where the CanadianContinue reading “395 Wellington Street: The Library and Archives Building”

Photos: Checking out Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex Drive

As the world’s attention turned to the Vatican Papal Conclave, I happened to be in downtown Ottawa this weekend, soaking up the sunshine and warm temperatures, with my camera in hand. I ended up passing by Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex drive across the street from the National Gallery of Canada. It’s a building IContinue reading “Photos: Checking out Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex Drive”

Photos: Weekend Skate on the Rideau Canal

Last weekend I was able to go for a skate on the Rideau Canal. I’d only been a couple of times before, most recently in 2009 on a trip with my college class. I’ve only been living in Ottawa for a year now, so I didn’t get to grow up with the world’s largest skatingContinue reading “Photos: Weekend Skate on the Rideau Canal”