Photos: The Remarkable Architecture at Szent Gellért tér Metro Station

Budapest opened up a new Metro line this year. At a cost of 1.5 Billion Euros, its construction was controversial. Here’s a quote from the English Wikipedia page: In Hungary the construction of the line has been widely criticised as a source of extensive government corruption.[6]‚ It has been noted for its high costs and […]

Summer Colours in Ottawa

For the past few days, we’ve been enjoying that first burst of summer in Ottawa. I’ve been walking around the downtown core after work, camera in hand, enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine. The clear and sunny weather has given the cityscape a unique look, providing some vibrant colours.  

395 Wellington Street: The Library and Archives Building

This site is turning into a photography blog. That’s OK. For a long time, I had been meaning to get a picture of this building, the Library and Archives building at 395 Wellington. I’ve spent a lot of time inside this building, the west end of the building boasts a movie theatre where the Canadian […]

Photos: Checking out Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex Drive

As the world’s attention turned to the Vatican Papal Conclave, I happened to be in downtown Ottawa this weekend, soaking up the sunshine and warm temperatures, with my camera in hand. I ended up passing by Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex drive across the street from the National Gallery of Canada. It’s a building I […]