Paris: Additional Thoughts

I’ve made my way to the south of France now, but I thought I’d touch on Paris a little bit more. I was able to cram a lot into a short four days.

I used AirBNB for the first time and it worked out very nicely. I was able to rent a bedroom in a small apartment, one block away from the Sacrĩ -Coeur in Montmartre. The price of the room was comparable to most hostels, I was able to get caught up on my sleep without disruptions and I could leave behind my electronics (ipad or camera charging) without worrying about them being stolen.

My AirBNB host was happy to give me tips on what to see and do in the city, urging me to checkout the panoramic rooftop above the Galleries du Printemps, a major department store in the heart of the city.


The rooftop is open to the public, free of charge and offers stunning views of just about every monument in town, from the Eiffel Tower to the Sacrĩ Coeur.

If you ever get to Paris, be sure to check it out.

At night, I was able to take in the Eiffel Tower light show. Packing myself a meal to picnic with, I arrived at the Champs de Mars, the street that runs under and towards the tower, to find it packed with people taking in the show. Tourists from all over the world were on hand, speaking all kinds of different languages.


The light show is a good way to cap off a long day in Paris. After having been on my feet, exploring everything the city has to offer, it was nice to be able to kick back for a couple hours and just relax.

Overall, it was a solid visit to Paris. I was able to see a lot and it proved to be a good starting point for my journey.

Summer Adventure


I’m taking a six week hiatus to Europe. It’s my first time overseas since summer 2011, when I last came to Europe.

First up: A redeye flight from Montreal to Paris, where I’ll stay for a couple of days, adjusting to jet-lag. After that, I’ll probably head to the South of France, but nothing is set in stone.

I have a few locations on my hit list that I’d like to get to, but I’m not going to get weighed down by too much planning. I prefer to wing it as I go along and keep my options open.

I plan to split my time between hostels and airbnb listings. I’ve yet to use airbnb, but it’s been blowing up and seems like a great alternative for the budget conscious traveler.

Another wrinkle for this trip: I’ll be carrying my DSLR with me. Last time I traveled, I used my iPhone as my camera. It worked well, but I want to up the quality of images I bring back with me this trip. It’ll be a bit stressful, constantly worrying about a potential theft situation, but I feel the high quality images will be worth it.

I’m backpacking, so no suitcase, just a big pack and a smaller bag for day trips. Overall, I’m traveling pretty light. I took a test walk the night before I left, wearing my packed bag and didn’t have any issues with the weight.

That’s all for now, I will do my best to post updates as I travel along.