A Baseball Game at Quebec City’s Stade Municipal

On July 5th, I attended a CAN-AM League baseball game between the Rockland Boulders and the Capitales de Quebec.

I was particularly interested in checking out the Capitales home park, the Stade Municpal. which dates back to 1938. Under the government of Maurice Duplessis, construction was ordered to build a new baseball stadium during the great depression, creating 900 jobs during that difficult era.

The stadium is designed in a “Streamline Moderne” style, which conjures up an art-deco impression. Hank Aaron (who hit a home run) and Warren Spahn played here on exhibition tours. Gary Carter also spent a portion of his minor league career playing in this park.

Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5736 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5729 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5723 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5714 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5717 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5786 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Scoreboard Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5725 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5732 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5731 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5742 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5750 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5769 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5772 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5753

The Strawberry Moon – June 21st, 2016 seen from Ottawa, Canada.

A rare ‘strawberry moon’ coincided with the summer solstice Monday on June 21st, 2016. I took this photo from downtown Ottawa with my 300mm lens.

The Embassy of Croatia – Doors Open Ottawa

I visited the Embassy of Croatia in Canada during Doors Open Ottawa over the weekend. The heritage building, called Toller House, is located at the corner of Chapel and Daly streets in Sandy Hill.  The building was bought and beautifully restored by Croatian expats in the 1990s. This visit was the highlight of my Doors Open Ottawa 2016 weekend. I love spending time inside the old heritage buildings that give Ottawa its character.

The area around the fireplace is often use as a space for receptions. There is plenty of space to move around and a lots of natural light.



Free chocolates, including the famous Bajadera bars, and pamphlets were offered to visitors.Jeremy_MacLaine_Doors_Open_Ottawa_04

Croatia’s current President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović (in the above photo),  served as a diplomat during the renovation of Toller House in the 1990s.

Here we see the Embassy, viewed from Chapel street.

Doors Open Ottawa – Laurier House

Over the weekend, I visited Laurier House, which was open for this year’s Doors Open Ottawa event. Laurier House was the former residence of two of Canada’s most important Prime Ministers, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Rt. Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King. It was here that they conducted much of their work and entertained heads of state from around the world.

Fine Dining.
Fine Dining.
From 1860 - Plaster of Abraham Lincoln's Face and Hands
From 1860 – Plaster of Abraham Lincoln’s Face and Hands
King's Telephone and Radio
King’s Telephone and Radio
Zoé Laurier's self-playing electric piano
Zoé Laurier’s self-playing electric piano
The RCMP Room
The RCMP Room
Room for Entertaining
Room for Entertaining
The Breakfast Room
The Breakfast Room
King's Study
King’s Study

The Peace Tower at Sunset

This photo was well-received on Instagram. Ottawa Tourism even decided to share it.



Framing The Peace Tower

It can be sometimes difficult to find new ways to capture the Peace Tower. I walk by it every day, there are only so many angles you can shoot it from. I took this shot from Victoria Island, looking through the old Willson Carbide Mill, built in 1899.

I like this photo because I think it provides a good example of how to a good crop can enhance an image. The original photo, below, is not very interesting. But once I cropped it (considerably), while being mindful of the framing in composition, we come away with a much more intriguing photo.

Aggressively cropping an image is one of my favourite hacks for Instagram. With a DSLR and the small screen size of Instagram devices, you can get capture some neat shots from a great distance.

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