St. Stephen’s Day Celebrations Begin Early in Budapest

August 20th is‚ St. Stephen’s Day, a National Holiday marking the Foundation of Hungary. It’s Hungary’s Canada Day or Independence Day. Many stores will be closed, there will be ceremonies throughout the day, including at the Cathedral which bears his name. In the evening there will be a spectacular fireworks show along the banks of theContinue reading “St. Stephen’s Day Celebrations Begin Early in Budapest”

Sziget Festival 2014

On Sunday I checked out the final day of the Sziget Festival here in Budapest. Sziget is the Hungarian word for Island. As you can imagine, the Festival is held on a small island on the Danube River, in the North end of the city. Getting to and from the Festival was remarkably easy withContinue reading “Sziget Festival 2014”

The $44 Ticket to Freedom

On Tuesday afternoon I had to make a purchase. I left my apartment with my passport in my pocket and headed south along the grand boulevard adjacent to my street. My destination was a Metro station. I got to the busy intersection under which the station lies and ducked down the stairs into the undergroundContinue reading “The $44 Ticket to Freedom”

Photos: The Remarkable Architecture at Szent Gellért tér Metro Station

Budapest opened up a new Metro line this year. At a cost of 1.5 Billion Euros, its construction was controversial. Here’s a quote from the English Wikipedia page: In Hungary the construction of the line has been widely criticised as a source of extensive government corruption.[6]‚ It has been noted for its high costs andContinue reading “Photos: The Remarkable Architecture at Szent Gellért tér Metro Station”

Vérmezo: The Blood Field of Budapest

Budapest, like most cities‚ stuck between Germany and Russia, got hit pretty hard by World War Two. Hungary’s role in the conflict is complicated. They sided with Germany at the outset of the war. By 1944, they could see the writing on the wall and attempted to negotiate a peace with the Soviet Union. This wasContinue reading “Vérmezo: The Blood Field of Budapest”

I’m Always Sweating

My biggest adjustment to life in Europe has been getting used to the heat. While I was able to prepare myself for a new language, navigating a new city and integrating myself into a new culture, dealing with sweltering summer temperatures is something you don’t think about until it hits you. Since getting to Budapest,Continue reading “I’m Always Sweating”

What is it like to live in Budapest?

I’ve been living in Budapest for three weeks. By no means is that long enough to get a true sense of a city, but my understanding of what life is like here, now exceeds the typical tourist experience. Over the course of my time here, friends from back home have been asking me about whatContinue reading “What is it like to live in Budapest?”