Christmas Time in Budapest

I am back in Canada for the Christmas break but I wanted to share a few photos of Budapest during the month of December. Christmas markets pop up in squares throughout the city, with little wooden huts selling traditional foods, hot wine and gifts. This was my first time in Europe during the winter months.Continue reading “Christmas Time in Budapest”

The Hungarian National Holiday – October 23rd

In‚ Hungary, most public holidays are a mix of religious days and anniversaries of historical events. October 23rd, marks the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution, which saw the Hungarian people rise up against the communist government, backed by Soviet Russia. While at first the revolution seemed to have been a success, with Soviet troops leaving Budapest,Continue reading “The Hungarian National Holiday – October 23rd”

A Working Saturday for Hungarians Ahead of the National Holiday

Today, Saturday, October 18th, was a work day for many Hungarians. The reason for this is because next Thursday is a National Holiday, commemorating the events of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. By working today, Hungarians will enjoy a four day long weekend next week. The National Holiday on Thursday, the earned day off fromContinue reading “A Working Saturday for Hungarians Ahead of the National Holiday”

A Giant Installation in Budapest

This week, drivers crossing from Buda to Pest, on the famous Chain Bridge, will be greeted by this unique‚ installation at‚ Széchenyi Square. The temporary popup, which is called RIPPED UP, was designed by‚ Ervin Loránth Hervé of Gallery Out Of Home. The Gallery Out of Home website has more about the project: The creation has several meanings, suchContinue reading “A Giant Installation in Budapest”

Spending a Weekend in Vienna

There was a time, not so long ago, that Budapest and Vienna were co-capitals of one of the world’s most powerful countries. A lot has changed in the past 100 years. Thanks to its close proximity, visiting Vienna had been on my bucket list of things to do during my time in Budapest. This pastContinue reading “Spending a Weekend in Vienna”

Dental Tourism in Budapest

Before coming to Budapest, I had read that the city is a popular destination for “Dental Tourism. Having two nagging wisdom teeth that I had avoided removing, I made a note of this and kept it in the back of my mind. I had originally set up an appointment in Canada three years ago toContinue reading “Dental Tourism in Budapest”

Photo: Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest

The Dohány Street Synagogue, built during the Moorish revival, is the heart of the old Jewish quarter in Budapest. Located between Astoria and Blaja Lujza tér Metro stations, it’s one of the city’s most striking buildings. According to Wikipedia, it is Europe’s largest synagogue.

St Stephen’s Basilica Panorama Tower

I’ve been battling a nasty cold this past week, which has lead to the past seven days‚ being pretty much a write off. I was fed up with staying home all day long and‚ decided to get out of my apartment to‚ cross off a must-see attraction in Budapest by climbing up‚ St Stephen’s Basilica for the panoramic views.Continue reading “St Stephen’s Basilica Panorama Tower”

Szent Istvan Fireworks in Budapest – August 20th, 2014

As mentioned in my previous post, August 20th is St. Stephen’s Day, a National Holiday marking the Foundation of Hungary. The main event for the people of Budapest is the annual fireworks show, which lasts about 30 minutes. I made my way down to the shores of the Danube river to watch the show alongContinue reading “Szent Istvan Fireworks in Budapest – August 20th, 2014”