Genova, Italy: Getting Lost In The Winding Seaside Streets

The Italian seaside city of Genova (Genoa in English) marked the final leg of my European adventure. As Italy’s largest port, it has a rich history as one of the country’s most powerful and important cities. From a tourist’s perspective, it is often overlooked, as foreigners focus most of their attention on Rome, Venice, FlorenceContinue reading “Genova, Italy: Getting Lost In The Winding Seaside Streets”

Torino: The Olympic City of Italy

The 2006 Winter Olympics put Torino (Turin in English) on the map. Before that, nobody had heard of it, which is unfortunate, because it’s a beautiful little city that punches above its weight. While being considerably smaller than Milano, it offers more in the way of architecture and classic Italian style than it’s larger counterpart.Continue reading “Torino: The Olympic City of Italy”

Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City

Italy proved to be the final country on my European tour. This was my first extended visit to the country, I had previously made a day trip from Nice, France to Ventimiglia, a small town just across the Italian border, in 2011. Flying from Clu-Napoca in Romania, I landed in Milano, Italy’s modern and fashionableContinue reading “Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City”