Genova, Italy: Getting Lost In The Winding Seaside Streets

The Italian seaside city of Genova (Genoa in English) marked the final leg of my European adventure. As Italy’s largest port, it has a rich history as one of the country’s most powerful and important cities. From a tourist’s perspective, it is often overlooked, as foreigners focus most of their attention on Rome, Venice, Florence […]

Torino: The Olympic City of Italy

The 2006 Winter Olympics put Torino (Turin in English) on the map. Before that, nobody had heard of it, which is unfortunate, because it’s a beautiful little city that punches above its weight. While being considerably smaller than Milano, it offers more in the way of architecture and classic Italian style than it’s larger counterpart. […]

Visiting Milano, Italy’s Luxurious Northern City

Italy proved to be the final country on my European tour. This was my first extended visit to the country, I had previously made a day trip from Nice, France to Ventimiglia, a small town just across the Italian border, in 2011. Flying from Clu-Napoca in Romania, I landed in Milano, Italy’s modern and fashionable […]