Springtime at Irishtown Nature Park in Moncton

Irishtown Nature Park is one of the largest nature parks in Canada.

It’s home to over 2,200 acres of forest and a large lake. There are trails that criss-cross the park. Some are paved, while others are made for hikes that wind through the forest.

There are five hiking trails in total. My favourite was the John Howard trail, which weaves through forests and along the lakeshore for over 2 kilometers.

Some of the forested areas feature trees that have grown to be quite tall. I often had to remind myself to stop and look up, to appreciate just how high the trees went up.

You can also look down, where you’ll find lots of fresh growth at this time of year.


As you can see, there are lots of trails to explore.

If you’re passing through the Moncton region, a visit to Irishtown Nature Park is a great way to spend your afternoon.

Glasgow, Scotland: My Favourite Photos

In March 2018, I spent a week visiting Glasgow, Scotland. This was my first visit to Scotland. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

What surprised me the most was how similar the architecture in Glasgow is to what is found in some of Canada’s older cities that I have visited. There are great similarities in architecture of Glasgow with cites like Kingston, Brockville, Saint John and even Montreal.

This young lad on Buchanan street does not care for tourists.
A girl passes by the entrance to St. Enoch Subway Station.
The Penny Lane Barber Shop on North Woodside Road.
Café Nero at St. Enoch Subway Station
The Portland Street Suspension Bridge.
An alleyway in Hyndland.


Visiting Morocco: Photos from Agadir and Marrakesh

In December of 2017, I was able to book a flight from Berlin, Germany to Agadir Morocco. The total cost of the flight was $44. I knew nothing about Agadir and only a bit about Morocco, but it was a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.

Agadir is a port city that is also a popular resort destination. In 1960, an earthquake flattened the entire city. This means that there are no ancient sites to be seen here. Everything is modern and concrete.

Agadir by day.
Agadir by Night.
The Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber of Commerce.
A stop sign in Agadir.
The beach at Agadir with The Casbah in back. It reads: “”Fear God and honour the King.”
A major mosque in Agadir.

After almost a week in Agadir, I traveled by bus to Marrakesh, one of the most exotic places I have ever visited.

At the heart of Marrakesh is Jemaa el-Fnaa place. A hub of activity, filled with shops, cafés and snake charmers.

Cafés at Jemaa el-Fnaa place
A man leaves Jemaa el-Fnaa place with dinner.
Koutoubia Mosque

Marrakesh is also famous for its souks, a maze of narrow streets and alleyways, filled with shops.

Inside the souks.
A colourful doorway inside the souks.
Entering the souk.
Olive stand
Another gate to the souk.
Artwork on sale.
More souvenirs.
At times the souk can become quite crowded.



Shoppers go about their business.
Marrakesh City Hall


A word on safety. The locals I spoke to told me that foreigners are not in danger. The King of Morocco has made ambitious targets to grow the country’s tourism industry. As a result, the police take any kind of crime against tourists very seriously. I walked around residential neighbourhoods, very late at night, in both Agadir and Marrakesh and nobody even approached me or hassled me. I never felt that I was in any kind of danger.

2017 Canadian Tulip Festival Photos

I’m volunteering the 2017 Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. This year’s festival runs from May 12 – 22, 2017.

I’ll share some of my favourite photos here.

Taken by the Rideau Canal behind Lansdowne Park
This statue celebrates the Olympic Torch’s journey across Canada in anticipation of the 1988 Calgary games.
Support for the local hockey team
Tulips across the country
Inside Aberdeen Pavilion
Visitors to Aberdeen pavillion are invited to sign one of these large tulips
A close up of the Red Tulips
A bed of white tulips.
Red tulip in sunlight.
Families at Lansdowne Park.
The Aberdeen Pavilion – South Entrance

Brockville, Ontario: A Great Day Trip Destination

Brockville, Ontario is fast becoming one of my favourite day trip locations.

Located about an hour’s drive south of Ottawa, the “City of the 1000 Islands” lies on the Northern shore of the Saint Lawrence River, opposite Upstate New York.

A revitalized historic downtown district anchors the city’s tourist industry. There are locally-owned shops, pubs and eateries lining King Street, the downtown core’s main thoroughfare.

Tait’s Fresh Start

This past weekend I stopped in at Tait’s Fresh Start for coffee and a snack. The atmosphere inside the store is friendly and there is open WiFi.

Blockhouse Island, the city’s most southern point, is a popular spot year-round. It’s a great place to watch the big boats pass by along the shipping lanes of the Saint Lawrence river. The marina is home to tall ships, a major tourist attraction.

Consider visiting Brockville’s historic downtown if you are looking to explore a new city in Eastern Ontario. I plan to make a few more visits through the warm summer months. The city has planned many events to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.


Berlin in Winter

I was able to spend a few days of layover time in Berlin Germany during late January and early February. The weather was cold and snowy, but I still was able to capture some good shots during my short time in the city.

Alexanderplatz and the famous TV Tower on a foggy morning.
The East Side Gallery.
Tram stop at Frankfurter Tor
Witternbergplatz U-bahnhof
Panorama of Gendarmenmarkt
St. Mary’s Church / St. Marienkirche
Tempelhof U-bahn
Train arriving at Nollendorfplatz
Potsdamer Platz by night.
A rainy night at Brandenburger Gate

A Walk Through The Rockeries

Since returning from Europe, I’ve been spending time exploring my new neighbourhood on foot. I’ve already checked our McKay Lake and Beechwood Cemetery. This week, I took a walk though The Rockeries, a section of Rockcliffe Park, before descending down to the shores of the Ottawa River at the New Edinburgh Club.


The park is home to Soper’s fountain, a piece of Parisian art that was purchased in 1912. Warren Soper was a wealthy entrepreneur in Ottawa who opened the city’s first telephone exchange.


Standing a few metres away from the fountain are these two impressive columns from Ottawa’s original Carnegie Library that was built in 1906.


After passing the columns, you can head downhill and cross the Rockcliffe Parkway. Along the shore of the Ottawa River is the old New Edinburgh club that dates back to the 1920s.


The club has its own custom built iron bridge. There is a plaque that reads “Dominion Bridge” on one of the supporting struts.



The building is painted in Red, White and Black, the colours of Ottawa’s sports teams.

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Exploring McKay Lake and The Pond

One of the best things about living in Ottawa is the easy access to nature.

After years of living in Ottawa’s downtown core, I now make my home in the Beechwood Village section of the city, which straddles the neighbourhoods of Vanier, New Edinburgh and Rockcliffe Park Village. There is a lot of green space around here. Maybe most impressive is McKay Lake and The Pond, part of the Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area.

 Ottawa Magazine wrote about The Pond in 2013:

“In the 1950s, as young families began to move into new housing in nearby Manor Park, The Pond turned into the neighbourhood swimming hole. The Pond, just 170 metres in length, belongs to everyone in Ottawa and is open at given hours for public swimming. Indeed, most of the people who swim there come from outside the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, local people have a special passion for their little lake, and they work hard to keep it safe and healthy.”

Local residents are allowed to swim here between 7am and 2pm. Now that fall has arrived, there aren’t many swimmers around, but the colours of autumn are on the trees. There are paths lining the shore around both bodies of water. I took a walk around the lake today, here are some of my favourite photos.

rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8580 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8577 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8572 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8570 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8566 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8558 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8556 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8554 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8548 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8543 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8540 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8535 rockliffe_village_mckay_lake_jeremy_maclaine_img_8539

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