The Peace Tower at Sunset

This photo was well-received on Instagram. Ottawa Tourism even decided to share it.



Framing The Peace Tower

It can be sometimes difficult to find new ways to capture the Peace Tower. I walk by it every day, there are only so many angles you can shoot it from. I took this shot from Victoria Island, looking through the old Willson Carbide Mill, built in 1899.

I like this photo because I think it provides a good example of how to a good crop can enhance an image. The original photo, below, is not very interesting. But once I cropped it (considerably), while being mindful of the framing in composition, we come away with a much more intriguing photo.

Aggressively cropping an image is one of my favourite hacks for Instagram. With a DSLR and the small screen size of Instagram devices, you can get capture some neat shots from a great distance.