Quick Design Tip: Create Better Presentations by Using Canva and Unsplash

This article was first published on my LinkedIn profile.  Improve the quality of your PowerPoint presentations by using Canva templates and enhancing them with images from Unsplash.com. Canva’s Presentations library offers many free templates that you can use to build your presentation. They’re great to use because they combine good design with vibrant images. FindingContinue reading “Quick Design Tip: Create Better Presentations by Using Canva and Unsplash”

On The Demise of the Belleville Bulls

On March 12th, it was announced that the Belleville Bulls of the Ontario Hockey League had been sold and would be relocating to the much larger city of Hamilton for the start of the 2015-16 season. I worked for the Bulls for a total of four seasons (2007/08 -2010/11) as the public address announcer inContinue reading “On The Demise of the Belleville Bulls”

Start Your Day With Eggs

A simple recommendation that I want to pass along today: Start your day with eggs. Since I’ve started having eggs for breakfast (instead of cereal or toast or whatever) I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of energy I have in the following hours. Eating eggs for breakfast gives me a huge boost that powersContinue reading “Start Your Day With Eggs”

Richard Nixon on What Makes Life Mean Something

You see, people, the average person now you understand this, I do not consider myself to be other than an average person, none of us should really. We all think we’re a little smarter than we are. But you feel it, well gee, isn’t it just great to have enough money to afford to liveContinue reading “Richard Nixon on What Makes Life Mean Something”

On The Events in Ottawa This Week

Some quick thoughts on this week’s events in Ottawa, even though I’m currently far away. *** It was strange seeing downtown Ottawa on my TV screen here. Not so much seeing the Parliament Buildings or the War Memorial, but the downtown streets. Being able to recognize the corner of Metcalfe and Slater, with its threeContinue reading “On The Events in Ottawa This Week”