Instagram is NOT Dying

Over the past year, it has become trendy to declare the death of Instagram. (1)(2)(3)(4)

A lot of this negativity has been due to the rapid rise of TikTok and the huge reach that platform affords new users.

It is true that the rise and reach of TikTok is impressive, but Instagram isn’t going anywhere.

The people running Instagram are too responsive to let the app fall into irrelevancy. They are constantly tinkering with the app. Instagram will go so far as to outright stealing popular functions from other apps (Reels to match TikTok or stealing 24hour disappearing stories from Snapchat). They continue creating new interfaces that meet audience demands.

It’s up to us as marketers to be equally responsive and use the new features and interfaces Instagram is promoting, to continue to get value from the platform.

Don’t let the pronouncements of doom allow you to let your Instagram efforts lag. Stay consistent, adjust when necessary and employ new features as they become available.

One day, eventually, Instagram will fall into irrelevancy. But that day is a long way off.

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Post to Social Media at Unconventional Times During Lockdowns

A quick lockdown tip for you: Post to your social media feeds at unusual times!

A lot of us marketers worry about when is the best time to post on our social media channels. Is it at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. for the beginning of day? Should we post during the lunch hour? Did we remember to post something near the end of the working nine-to-five day?

With lockdowns dragging on, all the old rules are out the window.

There are lots of night owls who are now able to stay up much later than they normally would during this period of extended lockdowns and normalized working from home.

Night owls like to stay up late and they’re online, so this lockdown period presents you with an opportunity to reach people who are browsing the web late into the evening.

Consider posting late at night (9 p.m., 10 p.m., or 11 p.m.). Who cares if people think it’s a bit unusual? We are living in unusual times!

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The Growing Importance of LinkedIn Company Pages

Let’s talk about the growing importance of LinkedIn Company Pages and why you might want to spend some time creating and developing some content for your LinkedIn page.

Let’s start by reviewing some stats:

As the pandemic drags on and people continue to work from home or simply search for work from home, many are spending more time online. It’s a good bet that you’re if you’re at home and you’re in “work mode,” you may very well have a tab on your browser open the LinkedIn homepage. It’s the online space people are flocking to right now to keep in touch with their co-workers and to keep tabs with what’s going on in their industry.

Another reason to invest a little more time and effort into your LinkedIn company page is that you might not be seeing quite the same ROI on other platforms as in years past. Many of us have noticed that Facebook Pages don’t give the same level of ROI that they did years ago. Meanwhile, Instagram is undergoing a lot of changes to its layout that is upsetting a large segment of users. We will have to wait and see if this new layout will impact engagement levels and if it helps or hinders marketing efforts on the platform.

You can turn to LinkedIn Company Pages to make up some of the lost ground you’re seeing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

Start thinking about posting more regularly to your LinkedIn company page. In the next blog post, we will offer up a few suggestions for the types of content that perform well on the platform.

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Three Tips For Managing Bilingual Social Media Accounts [EN/FR]

Today I want to share some tips on managing bilingual social media accounts specifically those that operate in English and French. I’m bilingual (EN/FR), however my written French is not what it once was. I use these strategies to avoid making spelling and grammatical errors en français.

Use the translation website Deepl, not Google Translate. Google Translate is probably the most famous one but it’s not the best one. Deepl is far better, especially when you’re going between English and French. Deepl is a German company that works to break down language barriers. Their translation service is second to none and it really is a lot better than what Google has to offer.

Use very simple sentences as much as possible. Avoid turns of phrase and resist the urge to employ expressions. These are the kinds of things that can trip up a translator, no matter how smart it’s A.I is.

Make sure that you have a French language keyboard activated on your smartphone. Keyboards on smartphones come with A.I that predicts what you’re about to type. This is really helpful for avoiding spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors. The keyboard’s A.I, will do the work for you. All you have to do is think of the first couple of letters and you’ll be prompted with suggestions that help you type it out correctly.

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How and Why I Use a VPN Service as a Marketer

I have been using VPNs for several years. I use them all the time, whether it’s for work or in my personal life. It is the first thing I launch when I turn on my computer. I spend a lot of time travelling, living abroad, in airports and coffee shops, so I want to make sure I’m maintaining a secure connection and enhancing my privacy.

As we enter this new world of normalized remote work, it’s essential that marketers understand how to protect their internet connection. By using a VPN you encrypt things like client passwords and email addresses and any kind of files or data you might be sharing, either uploading or downloading. This helps to protect your from any malicious snoopers along the network you are using

A VPN can also be useful when you need to spoof your geolocation. Many times I have had to log in to a client account while being far away from my home connection or far away from that client’s home office or headquarters. Logging in from an an unfamiliar location often leads to platforms like Twitter or Instagram flagging my login attempt is suspicious, keeping me from accessing that client account. I’ve been able to get around that by choosing a VPN location closest to the client’s HQ, which allowed to access that account without any extra security snares.

Another instance where you definitely want to employ a VPN is when you’re snooping on your competition’s website. This particular true if you are browsing their website from your company or corporate office. If your competitor has an I.T. or website administrator who knows what they’re doing, that person is going to have tracking software on their website that can monitor at every IP address that visits. By connecting first through a VPN, you’ll mask your IP address so that it won’t show that it’s coming from your corporate account, making it much more difficult for your competition to recognize that you’re snooping on them and checking out what they’re up to.

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New Features For LinkedIn Company Pages [September 2020]

In an effort to respond to the massive changes brought about by COVID-19 to our work life, such as an increase in working from home and an increase in virtual events, LinkedIn has rolled out a couple of new features for administrators of Company Pages. Let’s go over them today.

Create Events

Company page admins now have the ability to create events. If you’ve ever created an event on Facebook the interface in the photo above will look pretty familiar. I think this is a great addition by LinkedIn. It will be very useful for the promotion of corporate events, launch events, online conferences and webinars.

New Detailed Follower Insights

With this new feature, you can now see, profile by profile, who’s following your company page. Before this update, you could only see a total number of followers and demographic breakdowns. On the topic of LinkedIn demographics, it’s worth pointing out that they offer a lot of useful insights and data. You can see where most of your followers are located, for example.

This is useful if you have to concern yourself with an audience that’s based in multiple time zones. You can schedule posts to be posted at optimal times in your most populated time zones. In addition to location, you can also sort demographics by job function, seniority and company.

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Professional Development During a Pandemic

It’s become clear that for the next little while, networking events and conferences featuring live speakers which you can see standing in front of you, are not going to be returning anytime soon.

So what can you do to continue with professional development during this time?

Here is what I’ve been doing.

  1.  I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts. Over the past few months, I’ve subscribed to all kinds of marketing, business, travel, and design podcasts. I then download them to my phone, making them available offline and I head to the park with my portable Bluetooth speaker and binge on two or three podcast episodes, taking notes and moving forward with that new information.
  2. I’ve added business and marketing videos to my YouTube subscriptions. With YouTube, you have to be careful because it can be a bit of a distraction especially with those recommended videos. You intend to watch the video about marketing your business and suddenly you’re watching a video that is completely unrelated. However, I have been pretty disciplined with my viewing habits and have been able to work in some more marketing-focused videos into my scheduled watch time.
  3. I’ve started posting multiple videos to my LinkedIn profile. The videos cover mostly marketing and business topics. This has helped me dust off my video production skills while also allowing me to become more comfortable speaking on camera, which is a skill that is becoming more and more important in our new virtual world. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to be alerted the next time I publish a video.

What are you doing to develop yourself as a professional during this pandemic?

Repurpose Your Best Evergreen Content

Fill out your content calendar by repurposing evergreen content.

Evergreen content is the content on your company or a personal blog website that maintains relevancy and value for a long time such as months or years.

To find your best evergreen content, check your Google Analytics and find four or five of the most popular evergreen topics that your blog or website covers.

You can then start to think of ways to repurpose that content.

The reason you want to repurpose is because different users have different learning tendencies. Some of us prefer to learn by video, others prefer to learn by audio, some may prefer to learn by infographics and visuals.

When you repurpose evergreen content, you can be assured that you’re already using content that’s proven itself on your website. With that knowledge, so you can be confident in that content’s ability to attract an audience when you repurpose and share it using other media and platforms.

Quick Tip: Design Inspiration For Marketers

Marketers need to be great visual storytellers. The reason for this is simple: photos and videos help to build trust with our audience.

If you’re struggling for inspiration here is a quick tip that has helped me in the past.

Whenever I’m out on public transit, whether it’s on the bus, train or metro, I like to take a look at the various advertisements inside the train carriages, outside at the stations and the on platforms.

On my phone there are dozens of photos of products and services that I have no intention of buying, but I’ve saved them, so that I can refer back to them when I need some inspiration for a design task.

Take a look around you next time you’re out on your commute or just riding the bus and have your smartphone camera ready, because you might find something that inspires you.

Re-share Your Content Regularly

I encourage you to get into the habit of re-sharing your content.

The harsh truth of the matter is that your audience will not see your post if you share it only a single time.

The algorithms are cruel.

This is particularly true on Facebook. Likewise on LinkedIn, while you may boast a few hundred connections, only a fraction of those are active on a daily basis. Many people go weeks without checking in on their LinkedIn feeds. Twitter feeds move at lightning speed. Your tweet will be gone in an instant.

Don’t feel as if you’re spamming people by re-sharing. If someone happens to have seen your post already, they’ll just scroll past and move on. They are unlikely to unfollow you unless you’re really blatant and sharing the same thing four or five times in a very short period of time.

As marketers, we need to put our ego aside. Yes, we do spend a lot of time on content calendars and planning themes, but many in our audience won’t even notice what we’re up to. They will only see an occasional, sporadic post. So while it’s good to plan, don’t get too attached to those plans and stop worrying about posting things out of order. Much of your audience are going to be jumping in midstream and won’t even realize the theme or the order of things you have planned.