The Ottawa Skyline Silhouette

I took this photo of the Ottawa skyline using my 200mm lens from the old Minto Bridge in New Edinburgh. That spot provides a unique angle of the downtown skyline. Packed into a small space are Notre Dame cathedral, the Peace Tower, the library of Parliament and the restaurant atop the Marriott hotel.

A Stroll Through Downtown Hull (Gatineau)

This week I crossed the Portage Bridge by foot and walked through the streets of old Hull. The old part of the city has some nice heritage buildings and a quiet little pedestrian zone that is home to trendy bars and restaurants.   Even though you are only a few hundred meters from downtown Ottawa, […]

The Abandoned Embassy of Syria in Ottawa

The abandoned embassy of Syria in Ottawa has seen better days. While the arrival of Syrian refugees is grabbing headlines, on a quiet street in downtown Ottawa, the building that was once home to Syria’s diplomatic presence in Canada, now stands deserted and in disrepair. The coat of arms mounted at the entrance of the […]