Visiting Prague – September 2016 – My Favourite Photos

From Vienna, I boarded a Flixbus for 15 Euros and headed to Prague. This was my first visit to the Czech Republic. I spent a week here and found a city centre that is jam packed with tourists. By Central/Eastern European standards the city feels a little bit more affluent than most. While it doesn’t have the sprawling views, magestic Parliament and large boulevards that you’ll find in Budapest, the old city and the surrounding areas are quite attractive. Cobblestone streets are lined with colourful buildings. There is impressive architecture throughout.

Overall, the city is pleasant and not very expensive. I can see why many westerners choose to vacation or even relocate here.

Prague’s famous rooftops
The Czech Senate
St. Nicholas Church with Trams in front.
A local school: Základní škola a mateřská škola Lyčkovo náměstí
Prague main train station
Kobylisy Metro Station
Prague has many colourful buildings
A rainy day at Wenceslas Square / Václavské náměstí in Müstek
A heritage tram
Karlovo náměstí metro station

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