A Baseball Game at Quebec City’s Stade Municipal

On July 5th, I attended a CAN-AM League baseball game between the Rockland Boulders and the Capitales de Quebec.

I was particularly interested in checking out the Capitales home park, the Stade Municpal. which dates back to 1938. Under the government of Maurice Duplessis, construction was ordered to build a new baseball stadium during the great depression, creating 900 jobs during that difficult era.

The stadium is designed in a “Streamline Moderne” style, which conjures up an art-deco impression. Hank Aaron (who hit a home run) and Warren Spahn played here on exhibition tours. Gary Carter also spent a portion of his minor league career playing in this park.

Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5736 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5729 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5723 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5714 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5717 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5786 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Scoreboard Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_Stade_IMG_5725 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5732 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5731 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5742 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5750 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5769 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5772 Jeremy_MacLaine_Quebec_Capitales_IMG_5753

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