24 Hours in Hong Kong

After leaving Bangkok, I flew to Hong Kong, where I spent approximately 24 hours exploring the city. My flight into the city arrived at around 2am, I didn’t get to my room until approximately 4am. After catching a few hours of sleep and grabbing a shower, I headed out at around 10am.

My first stop was Hong Kong Park, a green oasis in the centre of the city. The park is home to a 3,000 square meter aviary, featuring 600 birds from 80 different species.

web_IMG_0352 web_IMG_0346 web_IMG_0341 web_IMG_0376 web_IMG_0375

I used the MTR system to get around. The system serves 5 million passengers every weekday. The stations are hubs of activity and the train cars stretch on for hundreds of meters.


At night, I crossed Victoria Harbour and visited Kowloon, where I ate a great bowl of noodles and visited the night market on Temple street.


After that, I went back to my room and relaxed until about 2:30am, when I began my long voyage back to Canada, starting with an early morning flight to Shanghai. Hong Kong is an energetic city, with swarms of people every where you look. The blend of Western and Eastern cultures creates a unique vibe. I wish I had been able to spend more time there. Next time I visit, it will be for more than 24 hours.

web_IMG_0484 web_IMG_0470 web_IMG_0376 web_IMG_0375 web_IMG_0352 web_IMG_0346 web_IMG_0341 web_IMG_0302 web_IMG_0299 web_IMG_0297

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