Start Your Day With Eggs

egg-318227_640A simple recommendation that I want to pass along today: Start your day with eggs.

Since I’ve started having eggs for breakfast (instead of cereal or toast or whatever) I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of energy I have in the following hours. Eating eggs for breakfast gives me a huge boost that powers me through the day. I attack the gym with more vigour on my workout days and no longer feel sluggish in the first few hours after getting out of bed.

According to Egg Farmers of Canada, one large egg is loaded with nutritional value including six grams of protein and only 70 calories. This colourful infographic below highlights all the benefits:


On top of being good for you and providing you with a great source of energy to get you through your day, eggs are incredibly budget friendly. They are one of the cheapest staples you can buy at your local grocery store. In Canada you can usually find a dozen large eggs for under $3. Right now, I’m in Hungary, where I can purchase a carton of 18 eggs for about $3 Canadian.

There are literally thousands of egg recipes on the internet. I like to typically prepare my eggs two ways.

For a breakfast meal, I like to fry my eggs sunny side up. To give the meal a little something extra, I chop up an onion and some garlic and then caramelize them both in a pan. Once they are done, I dump them onto my plate and then fry up my eggs, coating the pan with butter. I’ll usually crack four or five eggs at a time. I fry them up while making sure the whites are cooked but the yolk is runny. When I’m done, I scoop the eggs out and dump them on top of my garlic and onions. I then let the yolk run and mix in with the onions and garlic. It all mixes together into a delicious greasy heap. This simple recipe makes for a filling, nutritious, tasty and cheap breakfast that sustains me for hours.


My other prefered method of cooking eggs is to use a vegetable steamer. The end process is similar to boiled eggs, but I find that my eggs peel much easier when steamed. It’s also a really quick way to prepare the eggs, as getting a few millimeters of water to boil doesn’t take long. There’s also barely any clean up to deal with afterwards. Add some salt and maybe a spicy sauce for variety and you’re done. These are good for meals throughout the day, especially when you’re busy and don’t have time to prepare a proper meal.


This is old world food that has been providing sustenance to humans for millennia and it’s no accident. Try having eggs every day for breakfast for a week and see how it feels. You might be surprised at just how big a boost they can provide.

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