A Working Saturday for Hungarians Ahead of the National Holiday

IMG_2127 copyToday, Saturday, October 18th, was a work day for many Hungarians.

The reason for this is because next Thursday is a National Holiday, commemorating the events of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. By working today, Hungarians will enjoy a four day long weekend next week. The National Holiday on Thursday, the earned day off from today’s work on Friday, followed by a normal Saturday and Sunday off.

It’s a clever‚ way to handle an awkward, middle of the week holiday. I can’t recall anything like this happening in Canada around July 1st. I wonder how many people would be willing to go along with a working Saturday in June if it mean a four day long weekend the following week?

On the topic of the National Holiday, I’ll be paying close attention next week, when the ceremonies of remembrance take place. The Hungarian Revolution was a tragic event, where a country thought it had gained its freedom, only to be swiftly and brutally crushed by the Soviet Army days later. The event generated headlines around the world.‚ Time Magazine named the Hungarian Freedom Fighter its Person of the Year for 1956. Even Elvis Presley took notice, using his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, to urge Americans to make donations to Hungarian Relief funds.

The turbulent 20th century history of European countries, especially those caught between Germany and Russia, is astounding. Communism and Fascism must never be allowed to return.

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