A Giant Installation in Budapest


This week, drivers crossing from Buda to Pest, on the famous Chain Bridge, will be greeted by this unique‚ installation at‚ Széchenyi Square.

The temporary popup, which is called RIPPED UP, was designed by‚ Ervin Loránth Hervé of Gallery Out Of Home. The Gallery Out of Home website has more about the project:

The creation has several meanings, such as the symbolism of freedom, the desire to break free, the curiosity, and the dynamics of development. It can be interpreted as the demonstration of the present situation of the contemporary art scene, or even as it strives to create an urban public communal space.

Today, through the integration of social media, we cannot only create a community space, but also in a broader sense we can take the national contemporary art’s creations and artist to anywhere in the world, with the integration of the audience.

The project also includes a multimedia angle, featuring a‚ live Ustream of the installation, which allows you to view the giant creation in real time, as tourists take pictures and pose for selfies.

I stumbled across the installation last night when I was out for a walk. Today I went back with my camera and took a few more photos.

Facing the Chain Bridge
Facing the Chain Bridge
This girl is enjoying the installation
This girl is enjoying the installation
Up Close
Up Close
This gives you an idea of the installation's size
This gives you an idea of the installation’s size
For comparison: I'm 6 feet 1 / 1.85m
For comparison: I’m 6 feet 1 / 1.85m


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