Sziget Festival 2014


On Sunday I checked out the final day of the Sziget Festival here in Budapest. Sziget is the Hungarian word for Island. As you can imagine, the Festival is held on a small island on the Danube River, in the North end of the city.

Getting to and from the Festival was remarkably easy with the logistics having been well thought out. A commuter rail line drops you off just outside the festival entrance. The journey from the city centre didn’t take more than 15 minutes. When I returned home late at night, the trains were still running regularly. I never wasted any time waiting for a train or standing in long queues.

One downside of the festival is that prices are higher than what you’ll see in the city. While you can get a slice of pizza for 200HUF, you’ll pay 650 HUF at Sziget. A beer can be found at city pubs for under 300 HUF, while at Sziget the cheapest one I saw was a Dreher for 650. Also, instead of using cash to pay for your food and drinks, you need to line up and get a paypass, which you load with money. You have to return to a booth at the end of the night and return your card to get back your balance and deposit.

There’s also a silly‚ environmental program where they charge you 500HUF and give you a garbage bag. You get your 500 back if you return your bag full of garbage. I had two beers and a slice of pizza so my garbage went straight to one of the bins. I tried returning my bag and explaining that I was only at the festival for a few hours, but they wouldn’t refund me. I now own a 500HUF garbage bag.

Musicwise, I was able to catch three big acts on Sunday: The Kooks, Outkast and Calvin Harris, who closed down the festival. The Kooks closed their performance with their signature song Naƒ¯ve. Outkast played all their classics including Hey Ya!, Roses and The Way You Move. André3000 wore a t-shrt that read “What type of Stereo or you?” Calvin Harris played a set that featured Summer, Feel So Close and We Found Love.

I didn’t want to lug around my DSLR at‚ a rowdy music festival, so I was only able to grab some photos and videos with my iPhone. Here’s a few shots.

The Kooks
Star Wars Recreation
Star Wars Recreation
Calvin Harris Lightshow
Calvin Harris Lightshow


Closing Fireworks
Closing Fireworks
Closing Fireworks
Closing Fireworks
Bridge off the island
Bridge off the island

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