Photos: The Remarkable Architecture at Szent Gellért tér Metro Station

Budapest opened up a new Metro line this year. At a cost of 1.5 Billion Euros, its construction was controversial. Here’s a quote from the English Wikipedia page:

In Hungary the construction of the line has been widely criticised as a source of extensive government corruption.[6]‚ It has been noted for its high costs and inordinate delays € 17 in total € during construction.[7][8]

Once you get past the cost and criticisms, the system itself is great. All of the Metro stations are bright, clean, sleek and modern looking. None more than‚ Szent Gellért tér station. It is the deepest station along the line and features a vibrant mosaic on the platforms, designed by‚ Tamas Komoróczky. The curvy ceiling and simple seating areas are unique. At the main entrance, there is a reflecting pool and fountain that runs during the day, but lies still at night.

I visited with my DSLR camera and took several photos of the station, which you can see below.

Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_1 Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_6 Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_2 Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_5 Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_4 Szent_Gellert_Ter_Metro_MacLaine_3

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