For Sale: Some of my Possessions

I preparation for my upcoming trip to Europe, I’m looking to unload as much of my material possessions as I can possibly can, so that I won’t have to store too much of my stuff. I’ve been using Kijiji to advertise my sales but figured I might as well put my website to good use. Here are some of my items for sale. This page will be updated as items are added and sold.

42 Inch LG Plasma TV

photo 1 I’ve been the sole owner since purchasing it new in fall 2009. Screen is clean and clear. HDTV quality is great, especially when watching sports (Hockey, Football, Baseball and Soccer all look great). Selling because I’m relocating overseas. -HDMI compatible -Remote Control Included Over-the-air antenna and TV stand are optional and can be included. Kijiji listing is here.

My Comfortable Couch

photo Simple comfortable couch with two extra pillows. Couch is clean and in good shape. Bought from United Furniture Warehouse in 2011. Spent most of 2012 in storage. Kijiji like is here.

Toshiba DR7 DVD Recorder Toshiba_MacLaine

DVD player recorder allows you to record your favourite sports and shows. Quality unit known for its reliability and ease of use. -HDMI compatibility -S-Video compatibility Kijiji link is here.