The Ottawa REDBLACKS Have The City’s Best Mascot

On Family Day, Ottawa’s new CFL franchise, the REDBLACKS, revealed their new mascot. Here he is:


As it stands right now, the mascot has yet to be named. The team is holding a naming contest.‚ Reaction on social media, at least according to this CBC story, seems to have been mostly negative.

I disagree. In fact, I submit to you that the Ottawa REDBLACKS now have the city’s best mascot. Let’s look at the competition.

Spartacat – The Ottawa Senators


According to his bio on the Senators’ website, Spartacat has been with the team since its inception in October 1992. Other quick hits from his bio include:
Brave_Heart_LionPet Peeves: S-Party poopers, people who litter
Mane Goal: To make people laugh
What he thinks of Senators Fans: “They’re PURRRFECT!”

Spartacat is the city’s most visible/popular mascot. However, between this bio, frumpy mane and the fact that he shares a striking resemblance to Lionheart from the Carebears, I believe him to be an inferior mascot when compared to his football counterpart.

Riley Raccoon – Ottawa 67’s


If you live in the city, the only other time you come across a raccoon is when it’s going through your trash. I’m not sure what the rationale was behind the idea for a raccoon as the mascot. I tried to google for information and checked the 67’s website but nothing came up. The shag carpet legs are kind of scruffy looking too.

Ottawa_67s_PuckTruth be told, I’m a bigger fan of their secondary (unnamed?) mascot, the Hockey With Bite Puck, but they don’t seem to be using him as much anymore. Oh well.

Once again, I say the Lumberjack takes this head to head matchup.

Tommy – Ottawa Skyhawks


Tommy is the mascot for Ottawa’s basketball team. He’s pretty scary looking, which I guess you could argue is a good thing, but I don’t think this mascot rivals any of its competitors.

Honourable Mention: Scratch (RIP) – Ottawa Lynx


The long- gone Ottawa Lynx had a pretty good mascot in Scratch. I figured he deserves to be remembered in a post like this. The Lynx also had a secondary mascot, a type of dinosaur, I can’t remember his name, but his main task was to go around collecting trash. Brutal. It’s a such a shame that we don’t have minor league baseball here anymore. Just looking at photos of Scratch and what was once Jetform Park, make me miss the team a lot.

The REDBLACKS are Hiring

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a mascot, you can apply with OSEG here.

“Applicants for these part-time positions should be energetic, enthusiastic, creative, furry (just kidding) and able to adopt a fun and entertaining persona to keep crowds entertained. At the same time, applicants need to be mindful that some young fans might be shy or even afraid of the character so the role calls for intuitiveness and the ability to adapt on-the-fly to changing circumstances.

And that’s really the bottom line. The new mascot will quickly be embraced by Ottawa if the person taking on the role brings energy and some comedic flair to the job. The person inside the costume is just as important as the character on the outside.

All in all, a mascot is really for the kids and this post is mostly just for laughs. But as adults, let’s get behind the REDBLACKS and support their new mascot. After all, we want CFL football to be a part of this city for a long time to come.


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