Finnish Film Asks How Much Stuff Do We Really Need?


“How much stuff do I really need?

It’s a question that I suspect many millennials who are now out on their own ask themselves. I know I have. I’ve spent the last few months trying to purge and declutter, as I moved into a new apartment, sold my car and gave away lots of used clothing and goods to charity, in search of a simpler lifestyle.

Finnish filmmaker, Petri Luukkainen, 26, also wondered if all of his possessions did more harm than good. He decided to find out, conjuring up a radical experiment that would take over his life.

Luukkainen’s concept was simple: He placed all of his stuff into a storage unit and allowed himself to bring home only one item each day. He also vowed not to make any purchases. This challenge would last for one year (365 days).

The film opens with Luukkainen, standing stark naked in his apartment, making a mad dash through the streets of Helsinki, to ‚ his storage locker to retrieve his coat. On day two, he purposely stays in his apartment until what he believes is after midnight (he has no clock of any kind) so that he can pick up items for days two and three of the challenge at once.

As the film progresses, Luukkainen introduces us to the important people in his life, including his influential grandmother, supportive mother, helpful brother, his closest friends and eventually a girl he’s dating. The introduction of these characters elevates the film, providing a deeper meaning and a warmth to it that would be lacking if this were merely a year-long experiment on how someone can live without materialistic consumption.

This was a film I greatly enjoyed. The desire for a simpler lifestyle is something I can relate to and strive for. If you have an interest in a minimalist lifestyle, try to catch this film while it’s on tour or keep an eye out for it online. I recommend it.

My Stuff (Tavarataivas)
Finland, 82 min.
Written and directed by Petri Luukkainen

Visit the My Stuff website:

Follow Petri Luukkainen on Twitter:

My Stuff was filmed in Ottawa as part of Bright Nights: The 4th Baltic-Nordic Film Festival.‚ 


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