How To Use Reddit Productively

reddit_logo_Startup_380x285While not on the same level of mainstream use as Facebook or Twitter, Reddit can be an extremely valuable tool to use both personally or professionally. I’ve been browsing Reddit a lot more in the past few months and have discovered that when used properly, it can be a rich resource of information.

Avoid the Front Page

Reddit refers to itself as “the front page of the internet. That’s a pretty bold statement. The only problem is that the front page of Reddit is one of the least productive places online. It’s mostly image memes and gifs. While they can be good for a laugh or a distraction, Reddit’s real value is hidden in the sub-reddits.

Go Local

Local sub-reddits might be Reddit’s biggest asset. If you live in a decent sized city, you’re bound to find lots of useful and relevant information on any given day. Here in Ottawa, the local sub-reddit is a busy place with over 10,000 readers. You’ll get a mix of local news (that actually matters), helpful tips on restaurants and nightlife, lots of great photography and stories about hidden treasures located in different neighbourhoods.‚ I’ve seen journalists from local media comb Reddit Ottawa for stories of interest.

In the Ottawa sub-reddit, just about every type of food has been covered. You can find out where to go for the best poutine, the best shawarma or the best pho. There’s also lots of helpful information on the best grocery stores and post-midnight dining.

Whether you grew up here or just moved here, it’s a great place to find out what’s awesome in your city.

A Useful Travel Tool

Not only is Reddit great in your hometown, it’s also a valuable travel tool. If you’re planning on going on a trip to any decent-sized city or even a country overseas, you can find out what locals are saying by visiting the appropriate subreddit. If you need to ask a question, you’ll likely get a helpful answer.

There are also sub-reddits dedicated to travel. The busiest of these is the travel sub-reddit but you can also get even more specific, with backpacking, expat life, solo travel and couchsurfing.

Improve your Work, Develop your Hobbies

Many lines of work are also well-represented on Reddit. Whether, you work in Public Relations, Finance or Graphic Design, there’s lots of useful information out there too. I work in communications, so I’ve subscribed to the blogging and social media sub-reddits. Every day there are useful tips and tricks posted that help me in my line of work.

Just about any hobby can be found on Reddit. I just checked, there’s a sub-reddit for knitting. Whatever you’re into (I don’t knit, for the record), there are other people like you on Reddit who want to talk about it and trade tips and ideas.

If you’re a sports fan or news junkie, there are sub-reddits for all your favourites too, from hockey and cricket to politics and world news.

What sub-reddits am I subscribed to?

I’ve got a mixed bag of subscriptions, I’ve mentioned a few already but I will list them here:

When I log on to I see a mix of submissions from across these sub-reddits. I’ll spend time digging through each sub-reddit on its own, too.

Subscribing to Reddit is incredibly easy. You just choose a username and a password. You don’t even have to give an email, so it’s very anonymous and you never get any kind of spam/follow-up email. It’s no wonder celebrities use Reddit for their “ask me anything sessions.

I’ve found Reddit to be incredibly useful, hopefully you will too.

2 thoughts on “How To Use Reddit Productively

  1. Great advice. I suggest subbing to /r/productivity and /r/GetDisciplined as well. There’s nothing like going on reddit and being reminded that you have work to do and really shouldn’t be on reddit.

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