Winterlude Is Underway



The 2014 edition of Winterlude is underway. I headed downtown to Confederation Park on Friday night and took a couple of photos. It was crowded. Lots of people appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Bright_Nights_2014_PosterWe’re now into the final stretch of winter. The annual celebration provides a nice distraction from the tough weather and gives us the opportunity to enjoy downtown Ottawa, at a time of year when we could easily be staying inside, waiting for the spring thaw. This year, there’s a couple of Winterlude traditions I want to take part in.

First, I’d like to get out for a skate on the Rideau Canal, I haven’t made it out yet in 2014.

Secondly, I want to catch some films at the Bright Nights Film Festival. The festival, which partners with Winterlude, got underway this past Saturday and I was able to catch a solid Norwegian film, Into The Dark. There’s an upcoming Finish Film, My Stuff, that I’m also looking forward to seeing.

Here’s the trailer for the Bright Nights Film Festival.





Do you plan to take part in any Winterlude festivities?‚ 


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