Nimes, France: Where Ancient Rome Comes to Life

From Paris, I headed south, to the small city of Nimes.

The city is known for its Roman architecture, which dates back 2,000 years.

The main attraction is the Arena, which according to Wikipedia and the locals I spoke to, is the best preserved Roman arena in the world. Once home to gladiator fights and the like, today it plays hosts to concerts.

The other key monument worth seeing the Maison Carrƒ©e, a Roman temple, that’s remained remarkably in tact. It was saved from sure destruction when early Christians claimed it and converted it to a church of their own. The building also acted as a town hall throughout the years.


On the hillside above Nimes, are the remains of a Roman guard tower, which visitors can still climb, for 3€š¬. From the tower, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the city.


And like every other city in France, there are ancient churches, cathedrals and buildings around every corner.

Nimes is a good place to unwind during a short stay. It’s small and easy to walk. The weather is warm and the people seem friendly. It’s also close to the beach, with a train, costing only 1€š¬ shuttling passengers south, to the coast. If you’re on a whirlwind tour, consider Nimes for a two or three night stay.

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