Summer Adventure


I’m taking a six week hiatus to Europe. It’s my first time overseas since summer 2011, when I last came to Europe.

First up: A redeye flight from Montreal to Paris, where I’ll stay for a couple of days, adjusting to jet-lag. After that, I’ll probably head to the South of France, but nothing is set in stone.

I have a few locations on my hit list that I’d like to get to, but I’m not going to get weighed down by too much planning. I prefer to wing it as I go along and keep my options open.

I plan to split my time between hostels and airbnb listings. I’ve yet to use airbnb, but it’s been blowing up and seems like a great alternative for the budget conscious traveler.

Another wrinkle for this trip: I’ll be carrying my DSLR with me. Last time I traveled, I used my iPhone as my camera. It worked well, but I want to up the quality of images I bring back with me this trip. It’ll be a bit stressful, constantly worrying about a potential theft situation, but I feel the high quality images will be worth it.

I’m backpacking, so no suitcase, just a big pack and a smaller bag for day trips. Overall, I’m traveling pretty light. I took a test walk the night before I left, wearing my packed bag and didn’t have any issues with the weight.

That’s all for now, I will do my best to post updates as I travel along.

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