Photos: Ottawa by Night

Chinatown Arch

I kicked off my long weekend by doing a little night photography. I stayed away from the Parliament/Market area and instead focused on other areas downtown.

I love messing around with long exposure and aperture settings during night time shooting. It’s a lot of fun to generate these unique looks.

Quick facts on for each photo:

  • Chinatown Arch: It’s new, built in 2010. Which means someone was able to blog about its construction. Click here to read more.
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist: Here’s what the City of Ottawa’s website has to say: “Constructed in 1913, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, engaged Ottawa architect J.P. MacLaren to design a building in the Classic Italian style. This handsome Ohio sandstone building, with Corinthian columns, pediments, recessed doorway and temple plan was MacLaren’s response to these instructions. It features a spacious auditorium that is still used in religious services, and a three-manual Casavant pipe organ.”
  • Canadian Museum of Nature: The building actually served as a temporary House of Commons from 1916-1919 after the fire on Parliament Hill
  • Pretoria Bridge: This structure is 98 years old, but it had to undergo an extensive rebuild in the 1970s due to damage from road salt
  • Preston Street: Also has a commemorative street name, Corso Italia
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Canadian Museum of Nature
Pretoria Bridge
Preston Street – Little Italy
Preston Street – Little Italy

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