Tim Hortons makes appearance in Arrested Development

Tobias and Lindsay Fƒ¼nke walk by the Tim Hortons can. / Screengrab from Netflix
Tobias and Lindsay Fƒ¼nke walk by the Tim Hortons can / Screengrab from Netflix

This weekend marked the long-awaited return of Arrested Development. Like many people, I spent Sunday watching new episodes.

I got to the third episode (Lindsay’s) when I noticed a little slice of Canada had made it all the way to California.

As Tobias and Lindsay are visiting a Methadone clinic, (which Tobias had mistaken as an acting clinic – Method One) they are seen walking by a simple snack table, where a can of Tim Hortons coffee is clearly visible, as you can see in the photo above. You can buy your very own here… or at just about any grocery store in Canada.

For international Arrested Development fans who don’t live in Canada or a US state with being conquered by “Timmies,” Tim Hortons is Canada’s vastly superior version of Dunkin Donuts.

Who’s responsible?

I mentioned this on Twitter and got this suggestion:


A reasonable assumption.

Were Canadians Michael Cera and/or Will Arnett responsible for this little gem?

Was it someone else? Where was the filming done?

These are questions we Canadian fans of Arrested Development need answered.

I’m only through three episodes, so I will keep an eye out for more Tim Hortons and Canadian timbits (Ron MacLean style pun right there) hidden throughout the series. If you notice any, feel free to point them out in the comments section or over twitter.


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