Chatting With American Filmmaker, Hal Hartley

Earlier this month, I was able to meet and interview American Independent filmmaker Hal Hartley. He was in town as part of a special retrospective celebrating his remarkable career.

A quick summary: Hal Hartley burst onto the film circuit in the late eighties and early nineties, with films that helped launch the careers of stars such as Edie Falco, Parker Posey, Martin Donovan, and Michael Imperioli. In mid 2000s, he moved to Berlin where he made some short films (one of which you can watch below) and now he’s back in the US. I was able to catch his latest work, the 2011 release, Meanwhile.

Hartley is a very “under the radar kind of guy. He makes movies, and that’s all there is to it. No need for any fanfare. He scores his own films, but uses the name Ned Rifle instead of his own.

He had some good answers during the Q&A session he had with audience members following the Meanwhile screening and in his short on-camera appearance when I interviewed him. Check it out!

Hal Hartley Berlin Short Film Accomplice.

Meanwhile Trailer

Check out Hal Hartley’s website at‚

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