Check Out The IABC Ottawa Membership Video I Put Together

As I had mentioned a little while back, I was headed to check out an IABC networking event where I’d be shooting some video.

I interviewed some IABC members, asking them about what their experience has been like with the association through the years and how it’s benefited their careers.

Above you can view the finished product.

I’m pretty happy with the way the video turned out. The audio from my shotgun microphone and recorder worked very nicely, which was key, since most of the footage was shot in a loud bar.

The visual footage turned out well too with the shots being properly framed and focused for the most part and I was able to get conduct interviews in a couple of different spots to change the look up as the video progressed.

I kept things pretty simple in terms of graphics, just using photoshop to create some IABC branded lower-thirds and an open and close board. Nothing too fancy, but it works. Eventually I’m going to have to figure out how to use After Effects for some more exciting visuals.

One other thing I wish I had done is shoot some more b-roll footage. You can never have enough b-roll footage when you’re editing. It makes the video so much more visually exciting.

So overall the video turned out pretty well. It serves its purpose as a marketing tool and hopefully IABC Ottawa can benefit. Shooting more b-roll is something I’ll have to keep in mind on future shoots.

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