Wednesday Evening: IABC Ottawa’s Networking in the New Year

Obligatory cheesy internet stock photo
Obligatory cheesy internet stock photo

Wednesday evening I’ll be attending IABC Ottawa’s first social event of 2013 calendar, Networking in the New Year‚ 2013. You can read about it in detail by visiting the Ottawa IABC website.

To break it down in one simple paragraph, here’s the event description: “Four to five participants will be stationed at each table. Featured communications experts will visit each table for approximately eight minutes before moving on to the next one. The formal rotation will last for about an hour, followed by ample networking time so you can reconnect with anyone who caught your attention.

This event is happening in the Market at Events in Style. I’ve never been, but judging by the photos on their website, it looks like a pretty nice establishment.

Photo from Events In Style Facebook Page

At each IABC event I’ve attended I’ve met communicators from across the city who do really interesting work, so it always makes for a fascinating night out. There’s more going on in Ottawa than the stereotypical dreary government work. Some really creative people do some pretty neat stuff.

There’s an extra twist for me at this event, I’ll be on hand not only as a participant, but also as an event videographer, where I’ll be capturing some footage of the action and interviewing attendees. I’ll edit the footage and create a few videos, one recapping the night’s events and potentially a few others which will promote the benefits of IABC membership for all business communicators, from students, right up to seasoned communication experts.

Once the videos are uploaded, I’ll be sure to share them on this site. I’m also going to write a blog post in the near future outlining how I go about shooting my videos using a pretty basic setup. My gear consists of a DSLR camera, a tripod, a $40 shotgun microphone from China and an audio recorder. I also carry around some cheap construction lights from Home Depot that I can use if necessary. That’s it.

Check back later for more updates and if you’re attending tomorrow’s event, be sure to say hi!

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