Starting Today, I’m on Vacation

667airplaneToday marks the start of my Christmas/Holiday/Winter vacation. Our office is scheduled to be open today, but on the count of the massive snowstorm that is walloping Ottawa as I type this (more on that in a subsequent post), I figured I’d cash in some overtime and start my break a day early.

I’ve got a pretty lengthy holiday break this year.‚ I’ve‚ saved up some vacation time that will be put to use once the office opens up in the New Year. As it stands now, I’m off until mid-January.

With three weeks off,‚ I’ve‚ got a couple of things I want to accomplish.


My Last Vacation: Berlin 2011 at the now closed iconic Tacheles building.

Firstly, I want to get some traveling done. I haven’t done any traveling in over a year, save for a couple of trips to Montreal and Toronto.

My destination of choice would be to get back to Europe. Not too picky as to where I end up. I’d like to get back to Berlin, Spain and France would also be nice.

However, flight prices are pretty steep right now. In the past,‚ I’ve‚ always traveled in the spring or summer months.‚ I’ve‚ always been able to book cheap one-way flights in each direction, giving me a round trip to Europe for around $600. Booking over the holidays looks like it’s going to be a little more expensive. I’m still hoping to be able to jump onto a last-minute deal on Boxing Day. I don’t really care in what European city a flight takes me, just get me there.

If I can’t find a reasonable deal on flights, I might have to settle for a trip to the States. It’s about time I revisit New York City, haven’t been there since 2009 (I was there when Michael Jackson died), it would be nice to go back, but a trip to NYC just wouldn’t be the same without being able to take in a baseball game, be it Mets or Yankees.

I’d probably also visit Washington, DC if I was to take a trip down to New York, since it’s close by and I’ve always enjoyed myself in that city. Seeing the White House and the National Mall covered in snow would be neat.

Another option that is a bit more tempting to me than it has been in the past would be taking a cheap flight down to Florida. I have no desire to visit Disney or any of those theme parks, but it would be nice to relax on a beach and just chill for a whole week. A t-shirt, shorts and sandals would be fun in January.


Traveling ties in with my other holiday goal, which is just to relax and recharge. I put in a lot of work over the past year, without taking any vacation time. September and November were particularly busy months with lots of 12 hour days. I’m looking forward to relaxing and not having to do anything for a few weeks and being able to feel refreshed when I head back to the office.

2013 is looking like it’s going to be another busy year. I’ve got a full slate of events at my day job and I’ll be taking on more freelance video projects for different clients so I’ll have lots to keep me occupied. I want to be well-rested and in a good state of mind when tackling all these opportunities. Suffering from a feeling of burnout in February or March would not be good.

So with that said, I’m going to relax and lay low for the next little while, and not feel guilty one bit. After all, three weeks will fly by in no time.

Have you got big plans for the Holidays? Are you planning to relax?


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