Checking Out The Winterlude Press Launch

Winterlude Launch at Ottawa City Hall
Winterlude Launch at Ottawa City Hall

I made sure to bring my warmest hat to work when I headed out the door this morning, because I knew I’d be attending the media launch event for the 2013 edition of Winterlude at City Hall.

The organization where I work, The Canadian Film Institute, is one of 75 programming partners for this year’s winter festival. We’ll be chipping in by screening Bright Nights, our Baltic-Nordic film festival on select dates during Winterlude. Films from Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Estonia, and Norway are featured.

Seemed like there was a good turnout for the press launch, with all of the major media outlets on hand. Lots of festival partners were on hand and everyone seemed genuinely excited about being a part of Winterlude in their way.

Local mayors from both sides of the river Joseph De Silva (Gatineau) and Jim Watson (City of Ottawa) were on hand to give speeches. The crowd was then entertained by some Cirque de Solei style aerial dancers hanging off the front of city hall (See photo).

The event’s got me excited for Winterlude and the arrival of February, both professionally and personally. Professionally, partnering with Winterlude will give our Bright Nights festival a big boost in visibility. On a personal level, I love the energy around Confederation Park at Winterlude. It’s a much needed shot of energy in the cold days of February.

For more information, check out the Winterlude website or check out the Bright Nights Film Festival Facebook page. It’s pretty quiet now, but it’ll pick up in the new year.

Aerial Dancers
Aerial Dancers

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