Christmas Parties Are Here And The Recipe For Success Is Simple

This has nothing to do with planning a party, but I had to use it.

It’s Christmas Party season, a fun time, all in all, where you get to mingle with friends, coworkers and network contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

I attended my first party of the season over the course of the weekend and had a good time. The party was a success, because it followed a few simple rules, hallmarks of a good party at anytime of the year, Christmas being no exception.

If you’re thinking of hosting a Christmas party, follow these three rules and you’re sure to have a solid gathering. The minor details will sort themselves out.

Rule #1 – Have Lots of Booze
I had a hand in acquiring the massive amounts of booze that fueled this party for the guests. A quick trip to the LCBO resulted in extensive wine purchases (14 bottles of Portuguese wine, half a dozen French bottles and a couple of bottles from Spain) and a large supply of beer (Mill Street Tall Boys). Booze are key, when everyone sees a huge stash of alcohol, they’re impressed and excited and the party switch flips to “ON inside their head. Alcohol will also fuel your party into the wee hours of the morning to make sure there’s lots around.

Rule #2 – ‚ Have A Good Party Space
A one-bedroom downtown apartment served as the venue for this party. A modest abode can host a good party as well as the swankiest pad, the key is to have a good open space with lots of seating. It doesn’t matter what there is to sit on as long as there’s enough seats for everyone. Sofa, Lazy Boy, folding chairs, stool, drum stool, or bench. It’s all good, just make sure there’s something for everyone.

Rule #3 – Music Choice is Key
Your party will need a bit of music to set the mood. You don’t want it to be too loud because drowning out conversation is a downer. You’ll also want something accessible and not too niche. Signs that you picked good tracks will be people reminiscing about past times associated with said music. 80s New Wave was the choice of music at this party and it seemed to go over very well. Over the course of the night this gem from the way-back machine was unearthed:

Oh yes.

I’ll be attending another couple of holiday parties between now and December 25th, one more formal than other. We’ll see how these parties turn out and if these three cardinal rules are followed.

Oh and remember: Don’t drink and drive. Ever.

How has the Holiday party season been for you? Been to any good ones so far?


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