Ottawa Sun Paywall Goes Up Today: Is This Really Going To Work?

Screen-shot-2012-12-04-at-12.25Across the country, newspapers are beginning to set up paywalls to access their online content. They’re all implementing this policy within a few months of each other. Talk about collusion! But that’s a whole other conspiracy.

I’m disappointed to see that Sun Media is implementing this policy starting today. Having moved to Ottawa a year ago, the Ottawa Sun has become my de facto site for local news and a good laugh.

Yes, I realize it’s not exactly a source for hard news and that their columnists often just troll to get a rise out of people, but locally, it’s got the best looking website by a mile. And no, I’m not talking about the Sunshine Girl. The Sun’s main competitor, the Ottawa Citizen’s website, reads like something from 2004.

I typed in “Sun Paywall on Twitter search today, and this blog post from Toronto came up. It’s definitely worth a read, if you’re trying to figure out where the paywall situation stands in this country.

Also interesting, was the comments left on this blog post:

or you can just erase your cookies once you hit your limit¦


or¦ select private browsing in your Firefox browser.

Is a work-around really that simple? I hope so. And if it is that simple, is this whole paywall thing really going to work?

As much as I enjoy the Ottawa Sun’s mix of local content and smutty fluff pieces, I don’t see myself paying for it. I can get my news from our public broadcaster, the CBC who do an admirable job covering this city and lead the way in National and International news. Our tax dollars pay for a good news service, no point in paying for it again from a private entity. And I can get my smutty fluff from places like TMZ and blogs.

I’ll leave you with this parting tweet, which I found to sums up the situation nicely.


What are your thoughts on newspaper paywalls? Do you see them working? Are you planning on paying for your news?

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