Black Friday: Mall vs Online Holiday Shopping

It’s Black Friday. It’s an American tradition that’s making its way up here to Canada.
I was curious to see what kind of consumer frenzy we’d see here, north of the border, so I headed over to the Rideau Centre for a quick coffee run.

It was busy, larger crowds than a typical Friday, but it wasn’t the total mayhem you see in the States or even in the week before Christmas.

I heard a pretty funny audio clip on CBC News today at noon. A local reporter went out to the big box stores to see what kind of line-up there would be when the store opened. He found one person there who said he had waited all by himself.

I cruised around the internet to see what kind of deals there would be in-store, didn’t see anything that really blew me away. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking before I go anywhere else, it’s saved me a lot of money. I’m going to try to get most of my shopping done online this year, it’s cheaper and more convenient.

What about you? Are you planning on doing more online shopping?


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