Keeping Busy at the European Union Film Festival

Work is extra busy right now as we’re in the midst of our last major film fest of the year, the European Union Film Festival.

Now in its 27th year, the EUFF is probably Ottawa’s most prestigious film fest of the year. 26 EU embassies get on board, as we screen a film each country every night. Oftentimes, the embassies hold small receptions afterwards, which include an open bar and some food.

It’s a lot of fun, but it also keeps me pretty busy. ‚ As the festival’s Media Relations person, my duties include:

  • Writing Press Releases and Media Alerts promoting festival events
  • Making sure our Social Media Channels are up to date every day
  • Being on-site to greet and facilitate media members
  • Acting as a festival spokesperson for the Festival when our Executive Director is unavailable

I was also able to shoot some video of the opening night gala, you can see it below, this should give you a better idea of what the festival is all about.

In addition, I’ve also been able to catch a few terrific movies that otherwise I’d never have even heard about.

Small Crime

A fun little movie, set on a picturesque Greek Island, about a police officer who tries to solve the mysterious death of the town drunk.

The 1000 Euro Generation

A funny comedy that explores how young Italians are coping through the economic recession in Europe

Fear of Falling

A moving drama that depicts how the onset of dementia in a parent can send one’s life into a tailspin.

The EUFF wraps up December 2nd. Visit the CFI website to see complete listings.

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